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PLEASE NOTE! Please do not serve queries on age, weight, breast size, etc. in the box reserved for keywords. In order to do this, use the advanced search. Thank you for your cooperation!

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What is Find-Escort.us?

Find-Escort.us site is the first escort search engine on the internet. It enables an easy and fast way to find announcements fulfilling user criteria, without having to search multiple sites for ad at the same time.

Why numbers are partially hidden?

This fact is related to the copyright. If the website would appear full contact details, it would mean that the search engine uses content original pages in a way that could expose their authors to lose (because, someone could get in touch with Announcers to people without the original sources). This way of using websites is illegal and generally considered to be unethical.

After entering a query I get the message "no results". Why?

This means that the search engine did not find ads that meet all of the criteria simultaneously. You should try again, but with less detail question, with fewer keywords.

Following the introduction of requests I receive a large number of results, but most of them is not what I'm looking for.

The most common problem is related to the mismanagement of the use of quotation marks. IN If no quotes each keyword is processed independently, for example. search for face will, find all announcements containing while the words "on" and "face" without regard to the order and place wystÄ…powania those in the text. Examples of ad that meet these criteria may contain the following passage: "I have a friendly face and I like sitting on hard dick." What is probably not what you wanted to find you.

To search for the exact phrase together (ie. without breaking it into individual words) should cover with quotation marks "on face" . This will only search ads that contain the phrase exactly as what was concluded between quotes. The example given above would in this case be rejected.

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